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Smart Searching Tips

Google Searching Tips:

Check out these tips for smart searching on Google.

On Google’s Advanced Search page, you can type any of the above in the bar next to “Domain” to eliminate any .com or personal website hits.

Go to “Google Web Search Features” and try the shortcuts offered for searching.

Here’s a video on Google search Tips and Tricks:


*  The following domains in an internet address indicates reliability. 
.edu (US higher ed)
.sch (school – used outside of US)
.k12 (most US school sites)
.gov (US government (add country code for outside US)
.ac (higher ed outside of US, usually with country code,

example:    .ac.uk

.mil (US military)


* The following may indicate you’re on a personal website:

~ (tilde sign)
% (percent sign)
the word “user” or a personal name “jaba” is in the    address after the domain name and the first forward slash “/”


*  Try scholar.google.com or academic.live.com designed for academic searching.


* If you can’t find the owner or publisher of a website, go to easywhois.com and enter the URL of the site you would like to research.


*To see where a website ranks, go to alexa.com


* If you want current news articles, only minutes or hours old, go to Google’s news.google.com.

In a nutshell:


Educational Sites

*** = Great website


1.  www.ambleweb.digitalbrain.com

General Resources Site – Literacy, Numeracy, History, Geography, Science, Interactive Whiteboard Activities and Games.


2.  www.educate.org.uk

General Resources Site with plans and worksheets – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PE, ICT, History, Geography, RE, Art, DT


3. www.enchantedlearning.com

A website with lots of different activities – Art, Literacy, Geography, Science, French,

Also has time filler activities such as quizzes. Also good for Christmas and Easter art activities.


4. http://www.focusonphonics.co.uk

A great site focusing on phonics – Literacy


5. www.kented.org.uk/ngfl/websites/junior.html

A website offering a long list of links to resources – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Interactive Whiteboard



A website offering resources for all subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE,


*** 7www.primaryresources.co.uk                  (Superb Website!!!)

A great website offering resources for all subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


*** 8. www.snaithprimary.eril.net

A great website offering History and Geography resources – Geography, History, Interactive Whiteboard



A website offering resources and lesson plans in most subject areas – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Assemblies


*** 10. www.teachingideas.co.uk

A website offering resources and ideas in all curriculum areas. – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard, Time Fillers


11. www.teachingpets.co.uk

A website offering resources in many curriculum areas – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, Art, Music



General resource website for most subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music,


13. www.thinks.com

Website with all sorts of puzzles and brain teasers.


*** 14www.topmarks.co.uk

A website offering resources for all the subject areas – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard.


*** 15. www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk    (Superb Website!!!)

A fantastic school website. Has a mixture of resources, games and activities for all curriculum areas. Also has many links to other websites. – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard.


16. www.sln.org.uk/geography/primary.htm

A geography resource website – Geography


17. www.mape.org.uk/activities/index.htm

A website offering Literacy and Numeracy resources including some onscreen big books – Literacy, Numeracy


18. www.enjoymaths.co.uk

An website offering a range of Numeracy worksheets and other materials –  Numeracy


19. www.tes.co.uk/teacher/brainteasers/index.asp

This site has loads and loads of Numeracy brainteasers. Good for extension work – Numeracy


20. www.emaths.co.uk

Has many Numeracy activities including some for the interactive whiteboard – Numeracy, Interactive Whiteboard


21. www.n-yorks.net/curriculum/subjects/maths/info.html

Another site offering many Numeracy worksheets – Numeracy


22. www.nrich.maths.org.uk/public/index.php

Numeracy problems mainly for the higher achievers – Numeracy


23. www.cardiffschools.net/~roelmann/whiteboard/general1.html   (Interactive Whiteboard only)

Interactive resource site for all the curriculum areas. Also has links for other websites, –   Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music,


24. www.counton.org/index.html           (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

This website has many games and activities for the interactive whiteboard – Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy


25www.edcompass.co.uk         (Interactive Whiteboard only)

Loads of resources for the Smart board – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music


26. www.interactive-resources.co.uk   (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

Numeracy activities for the interactive whiteboard – Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy


27. www.teacher.scholastic.com/activities

Many resources for most curriculum areas – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music,


28. www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/numeracy/publications (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

Numeracy Interactive resources linked to unit plans – Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy


29www.bbc.co.uk/schools/numbertime                    (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

Interactive Numeracy Games – Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy


*** 30. www.bbc.co.uk/schools (Superb Website!!!)

A fantastic website offering a wealth of activities – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music


31www.mccollam.com/fun/geoquiz                (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

A fun interactive quiz on the countries in the world – Interactive Whiteboard, Geography



Full Literacy plans for all year groups – Literacy


*** 33. www.teacherxpress.com                         (Superb Website!!!)

A fantastic web page which has links to other websites covering the whole curriculum – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music


*** 34. www.mathszone.co.uk

A website offering Interactive and other Numeracy activities – Interactive Whiteboard, Numeracy


35. www.ltscotland.org.uk/storybook              (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

Literacy resource website which includes story telling and activities – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy


36. www.geocities.com/SEN_resources/resources.html

Numeracy and Literacy resources mainly aimed at SEN children – Literacy, Numeracy


37. www.storiesfromtheweb.org                        (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

Online stories and associated activities – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy


38. www.tlfe.org.uk/home.htm

General resource website for most subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music,


39. www.victorians.org.uk                       (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

A great online site for the Victorians. – Interactive Whiteboard, History


40. www.ancientegypt.co.uk                   (Interactive Whiteboard/ Class PC only)

A great online site for the Egyptians. – Interactive Whiteboard, History


41. www.request.org.uk

A good RE resource website – RE


42. www.eduwight.iow.gov.uk/curriculum/foundation/geography/keystage2

A good geography website – Geography


43. www.mathslessons.co.uk/resources/resources.htm

An alphabetic list of Numeracy resources and plans – Numeracy, Interactive Whiteboard


44. www.qualityteachingresources.co.uk

Resources and worksheets for a variety of non core subjects – DT, Art, Geography


45. www.e-gfl.org/e-gfl/curriculum/resource/pss.cfm?subject=Mathematics

A resource site for a variety of subjects – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


46. www.keystage123.co.uk/worksheets_03.htm

Links to other pages with lots of resources! – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


47. www.firstschoolyears.com

Excellent resource site for KS1 children. May be good for Lower Achievers in Year 3/4 – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, SEN


48. www.lgfl.net/lgfl/leas/greenwich/accounts/subjects/ictteam/web/resources/primary

 Great website offering full ICT plans with resources – ICT


49. www.lgfl.net

Lots of really good content for the classroom and interactive whiteboard – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, Geography, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


50. www.cadburylearningzone.co.uk

A super site for the Victorians – Numeracy, History, Interactive Whiteboard


51. www.train.stockton.gov.uk 

Another really good website. When you load page click on Curriculum along the top and then resources which is down the left hand side – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, Interactive Whiteboard, Christmas Activities


52. www.plattsy.co.uk.

A good little website with some useful links. Resources are linked to year groups which is particularly good – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, SEN


53. www.thegrid.org.uk/learning

A variety of resources for all the curriculum areas – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, SEN


54. www.galaxy-h.gov.uk

An interactive website looking at PSHE areas including healthy eating – , Interactive Whiteboard, PSHE


55. http://www.fours.co.uk/

A site offering a variety of resources – All Subjects


**** 56. www.ict.oxon-lea.gov.uk/whiteboards.html

A superb site for Interactive whiteboards – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy


57. www.lgfl.netwww.lgfl.net

A site which offers and links for many different areas of the curriculum. Also hosts some superb ICT plans – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


*** 58. http://nwnet.org.uk/pages/index.html

A fantastic site for the Interactive whiteboard – Interactive Whiteboard, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, Geography,


59. http://www.iwb.org.uk

Another great Interactive whiteboard site – Interactive Whiteboard


60. http://www.ithink.org.uk

A good site to use when teaching PSHE


61. http://www.syntheticphonics.com

A website to use when teaching synthetic phonics – Literacy


62. http://stories.lgfl.org.uk

Website with talking stories – Literacy


63. http://holnet.lgfl.net/lgfl/accounts/holnet/upload/index.htm

Website which covers the History of London including the Victorians and the War – History


*** 64. http://www.coxhoe.durham.sch.uk       (Superb Website)

An amazing website which includes interactive links and resources for all subjects. A must visit! – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard


65. http://www.teacherbooks.co.uk/

A site offering free catalogues on a variety of subjects.


66. http://www.thinkingoutofabox.co.uk/

Thinking cards produced by Chris Henshaw. Excellent challenges for children to try in the morning or if they finish early.


Website which also has a teacher links area:


*** 68. http://www.timeforcitizenship.org – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard

A great new website designed for teachers, parents and children.


69. http://www.fours.co.uk – , Numeracy, Science, History, ICT, PE, DT, Geography, Art, RE, Music, Interactive Whiteboard

A superb website with loads of resources.


*** 70. http://www.ks1resources.co.uk – KS1 Resources – Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, History

An excellent brand new website which has loads of fantastic resources on. Well worth a visit, especially if you teach in KS1


71.  http://www.primary-teacher-uk.co.uk – Primary

Probably the best Primary Blog available on the Internet at the moment. Well worth a look!