Smart Searching Tips

Google Searching Tips:

Check out these tips for smart searching on Google.

On Google’s Advanced Search page, you can type any of the above in the bar next to “Domain” to eliminate any .com or personal website hits.

Go to “Google Web Search Features” and try the shortcuts offered for searching.

Here’s a video on Google search Tips and Tricks:


*  The following domains in an internet address indicates reliability. 
.edu (US higher ed)
.sch (school – used outside of US)
.k12 (most US school sites)
.gov (US government (add country code for outside US)
.ac (higher ed outside of US, usually with country code,


.mil (US military)


* The following may indicate you’re on a personal website:

~ (tilde sign)
% (percent sign)
the word “user” or a personal name “jaba” is in the    address after the domain name and the first forward slash “/”


*  Try or designed for academic searching.


* If you can’t find the owner or publisher of a website, go to and enter the URL of the site you would like to research.


*To see where a website ranks, go to


* If you want current news articles, only minutes or hours old, go to Google’s

In a nutshell:


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