The 3 Best Vacuum Cleaners That Will Not Squeeze Out A Lot Of Money

Vacuum cleaners are the inevitable part of the house cleaning kit and every house has a one for the cleaning purposes. Shark Rotator NV752, for example, is one of the best ones that you can get, though it is made for commercial use.

Still, when it comes to cleaners, you need to consider several things before you decide to buy one. In this article, we will present few good ones, with their pros and cons so you could know which one you should get yourself. All three of them can be used both for commercial and residential cleaning as these are high-quality vacuum cleaners that are worth every bill.

Bissell CleanView 9595A

If you are on the budget but need to get a good vacuum cleaner, look no further as this one can offer everything you need at the reasonable price. It gives fantastic suction, cool design and durability.

Bissell CleanView 9595A
Best Bissell CleanView 9595A on market

It usually comes in black color, whereas the container has a purple color. Though it is not cordless, it gives you 25-foot cord. At the same time, its lightweight (15 pounds) allows you to move it around the house easily!


  • OnePass technology with strong suction
  • Multi-cyclonic system that provides good airflow
  • Multi-level filtration system
  • Turbo brush tool that ensures effective upholstery cleaning


  • A hose is not so flexible
  • Does not have HEPA filters.

Shark Navigator Pro NV356E

One of the best brands for residential cleaning is, of course, Shark Navigator! This model offers a lot of conveniences while its price does not go over the average. This white vacuum cleaner is a thin model that comes with 5” hose, which can be stretched up to 25” if needed.

Shark Navigator Pro NV356E
How to use Shark Navigator Pro NV356E

The lift-away function converts it easily into a canister that you can hold with your hand. While weighing 13.7 pounds, it allows you to carry it easily wherever you need to. Also, it has the automatic settings for upholstery/carpet/floor cleaning, as it recognizes the type of material on its own.


  • Perfect for bare floors and upholstery/carpets
  • Never Loss Suction technology that separates debris from air
  • Lightweight and easily converted into a hand-held cleaner
  • HEPA filters


  • Does not have any indicating light
  • Not really good for damp areas.

Hoover PortaPower CH30000

If you are looking for a high level of portability while having a good suction force, then Hoover PortaPower CH30000 is the right model for your needs! It comes with plenty of accessories, including a shoulder strap that allows you to wear it on your body and clean the room easily. However, it has a cord which means you need to use wall plugs. Still, it is extremely lightweight (only 8.3 pounds) and gives you 33 feet of cord length.


  • 2.2 horsepower motor, with strong suction force
  • Reusable bags for dirt and dust
  • Good for all types of areas and materials


  • A bit of shorter cord
  • Not good for elderly persons.