Just Bought A New Home? Do Not Forget To Buy These Tools

When you buy a new home, especially one that has no additional equipment like screwdrivers and drills, you must know that you should also buy the equipment that you could eventually need. Whether you are working on applications for Spiral Wound Gasket or a round table, you should be equipped with the right tools. Although we had talked in some previous posts about the tools you must have for the home improvement projects, in this article we will list the tools that you must have when you buy a new home.

A battery-powered drill

Yes, this is one of the first tools you should buy as you never know when you could need some drilling for hanging a painting, a shelf or connecting the two elements on your walls. For the convenience, as well as the price, a battery-powered drill will be enough for smaller projects and needs.

A battery-powered drill

We recommend you to buy Phillips drill, along with slotted and squared drills to make sure you can perform different types of drilling. Always buy a new drill and new sets, as the price is not so different used and a new one.

An adjustable wrench

If you are not a big fan of home improvement, you will probably never need a whole set of wrenches. Instead of buying the whole set, you can buy one high-quality adjustable wrench and cover all the sizes of bolts and nails.

An adjustable wrench tool
An adjustable wrench

The high-quality ones have a self-ratcheting screw so they can adjust to the bolts easily, without any effort of adjusting them. This wrench will be just enough for all your projects and everything you could eventually need to hold, tighten and screw.


When gearing up your set of tools, the inevitable part of this set is a hammer. There are many different types and sizes of hammers, but you would need more a pin hammer, which is lightweight and it is primarily designed for the in-house projects.


However, it is not a bad idea to have a big and heavy claw hammer, in case you need to work with bigger nails. The claw hammer is usually used in some projects outside of the house, but it does not cost a lot.

The extension cord

This one is often omitted when selecting the gear for your toolbox. The extension cord come in handy when you need the additional sockets for your tools (hammer drills, electric saw or any other electrical tool) to avoid using the one socket for different tools.

Instead, plug all the tools in and use them all at the same time. Make sure you buy a high-quality cord to avoid possible fire and short-circuiting.

Step stool/ladders

This is beneficial part of your home toolbox set as it can provide the additional weight if you need it to work on higher levels. How many times you had a situation to change a lightbulb but you cannot reach it from your sofa or a chair? Buy an aluminum one as these are lightweight and provide a high level of stability and height support.