The Types Of Windows Styles And Their Characteristics

When you are choosing the windows for your home, you can choose a variety of different styles, frames, glazing characteristics and energy-efficiency options. One of the best companies for this business, Wandsworth sash windows, recommend you to consider the different styles so you could find the one that is most appropriate to you.

At the same time, it is not recommended to mix the different styles, as it will disrupt the overall look of your property. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide on several types that you can consider and analyze before you decide to choose one.

Double-hung windows

Retro Window On The Retro House
Old House With Black Window

The double-hung style is one of the most common styles that you can find all over the world. These consist of two frame units with the glass that can slide up and down. You can find these in all classic style houses but also in modern homes. The classic ones usually use the weights that serve as the counterbalance and these are hidden in the wall, behind the moldings. The modern ones use hidden springs that serve as the counterbalance.


· A lot of different models
· Not too expensive
· Easy to use;


· Springs wear out quickly
· Huge windows have low-security level.

Casement windows

These use the hinges (like those on the doors) that enable the windows to open horizontally. Usually, the one side stays in the place, while the other side moves along the X-axis and serve as the door. These are very popular and can be found in both modern and traditional homes. One thing that is great about these is they provide a great ability to catch some breeze, due to their concept of work.


· Great when you want to “catch breeze”
· Narrow space makes it hard to enter for intruders
· Much better and stable than the double-hung;


· Strong winds easily break them
· Common problems with mechanisms.

Slider windows

New House With Beautiful Window
Big Window In The House

One of the most popular styles is the slider style. These contain simple mechanisms that allow easy sliding left-to-right using the bottom tracks that are mounted on the window pane. These were highly popular during the 1950s and 1960s but this style remained popular even today. It is the best style for people who need to open and close frequently.


· No mechanisms – no problems
· Cheap;


· The bottom tracks must be cleaned frequently
· Do not come in all sizes.

Fixed windows

This style is very popular in the cities and buildings where the light is imperative. One thing that is special about these is that they offer a fantastic energy-efficiency as these are sealed permanently. These allow light to enter freely and use a pane that is placed within the frame. However, these cannot be opened. You can find them usually in the places where the good view is needed and ventilation is not a big problem.


· Great sealing and good energy-efficiency
· Modern
· Cheap;


· No fresh air as they are fixed/sealed
· Can provide a lot of heat during the summer.